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Our Story

Hi there, I’m

Olithea DeCeglie

and I’m the owner of  Bookkeeper’s Best.

Read our story and see why we’ve built a name you can trust! 

As a small business owner and mother of two, I know how important organization and efficiency are for success.

I started to learn bookkeeping years ago when, together with my husband Mark, we entered into real estate. Ever since then, I’ve grown to love and understand it even more. Managing purchases, sales, monthly cash flow, and all the financial aspects of a business while also caring for our two children brings me joy.

We have come to believe that fulfilling one’s passion in life is a dream come true. For my family, traveling has always been a passion. Keeping organized books helps us live the life we want.

We believe in helping you fulfill your life’s passion too.

That’s why helping your business add up to a successful financial future is our goal.

We understand the struggle of having unsorted books and how it keeps you from focusing on the life you wish to live with your family. That’s why our goal here at Bookkeeper’s Best is to assist you in gaining control over your business finances and reaching financial freedom. With your books sorted, you can focus on what matters most: making lifetime memories with your family!

With my Associate’s degree, years of experience, and testimonials from reliable sources, you can trust that I’ll provide unlimited support in keeping your finances in balance. 

Let me mind your business and add to your future!

Bookkeeper’s Best: we provide financial solutions


We take pride in offering discreet and secure practices. We  guarantee privacy by never sharing your information with any third parties.

Investment Planning

Based on the data we gather from your books, we not only make your numbers add up today but suggest a path to help you add up toward a brighter tomorrow.


We offer informed decisions that help you increase profits and reduce costs, building a stronger business plan.

Financial Records

Manage purchases, sales, monthly cash flow, and recording all aspects of a business.

Olithea DeCeglie's Associate's Degree

Don’t trust just anyone with your books. Trust a certified Bookkeeper with the knowledge and expertiste needed to balance your books!

Olithea DeCeglie's Quickbooks certification

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